Beautiful Day in January

January seems to go on forever. Maybe it’s because all the hype of the holidays is over and now reality has set in, it’s time to pay the credit cards we used to buy all the gifts for friends and family members. It’s a great new beginning of the year, a chance to start anew. Be gentle with yourself if you haven’t kept up your New Year’s Resolution(s). Be grateful, and enjoy each day, take it one day at a time.



jeffrey switzer

Jeffrey Switzer

Saturday is a lazy today, it’s rainy but it still is Paradise.

You know what they say “In life, a little rain must fall.”

Feed the flowers and the trees…nature.

So when it rains…enjoy, relax, meditate. Take time for yourself, stop and smell the flowers …breathe.



jeffrey switzer

Words To Remember

The people you surround yourself with reflect the presence of the person you are seeking to become. Life other up through recognizing. The person they are capable of being not just their conditioning. Rejoice in the goodness inherent in the world not accepting the dense illusions of misery.

Jeffrey Switzer
Words to remember

MaxWellness after first public class of meditation for life enrichment: seeing through the veils of perspective last night. Thanks tithe two meditators who came out to support this new venture. We discussed how through asking questions we direct focus and by directing focus we manifest desires. They were touched deeply and I am honored to have been able to serve in the way to help them recommit and realign with their commitments to true authenticity and humble presence. — at The 5 Elements Spa and Longevity Center.


Jeffrey Switzer
Focus for Manifestation

5 Elements Spa, Open House Tonight in Fort Lauderdale – Max Switzer will be there.

Come and meet me and join us at 5 Elements Spa in Fort Lauderdale tonight!

The 5 Elements Spa and Longevity Center is a day spa and longevity center where you can learn, grow, and partake of resources that will promote your overall health and longevity.

Between 6pm-9pm. Meet and greet and get a feel for the ambiance and services offered.

Jeffrey switzer
Pathway to Healing


#1 Product for Anti-Aging and turning back the clock!

Jeffrey switzer
Anti-Aging Turn back the clock and feel great from the inside out.


Liquid Biocell: Fountain of Youth in a bottle

This formulation is a unique blend of 13 antioxidant fruit juices as well as hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate. Unlike topical creams and moisturizers which attack the problem from the outside in, Liquid BioCell attacks aging from the inside out, using the body’s own delivery system to refresh, reenergize, reduce inflammation, rebuild cartilage, regrow hair and gums, strengthen teeth, increase bone density, reduce scar tissue, and repair skin cells.

The hydrolyzed collagen has been refined for rapid absorption and assists in wound healing, skin toning, connective tissue rebuilding, and increased energy. The hyaluronic acid tightens sagging skin while removing wrinkles, stimulating immune responses and increasing mobility in aging joints. Chondroitin sulfate is legendary for lubricating and cushioning fluids in the joints and repairing ligaments that have been strained or torn.

Among the juices included in the elixir are acai, jujube, goji berry, maqui, nopal, pomegranate, and mangosteen. In addition, the product contains resveratrol, the healing agent found in the skin of red grapes. In the case of Liquid BioCell, each four-ounce daily dose has the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in eight bottles of red wine.

Multiple human clinical trials on this product as well as others in the Jusuru line are available through Max Switzer  a wellness coordinator who conducts frequent seminars at area spas and rejuvenation centers. Among them: the monthly Anti-Aging/ Life extension workshop at Florida Homegrow (7392 Lake Worth Rd Lake Worth, FL, July 22, 3 pm. Reserve your spots

As well as seminars on life enrichment at 5 Elements Spa in Wilton Manors, July 16, 6:30pm. – Call to reserve -954.494.9462

To purchase this product directly from Max Switzer


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